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ACCPAC Insight is an enterprise-wide reporting, budgeting, forecasting and consolidations solution. With ACCPAC Insight, employees, remote offices and disparate departments can manage, distribute and collaborate on data from a single, unified source.

A high-performance financial management tool, ACCPAC Insight helps you create and customize reports that can withstand the toughest scrutiny. ACCPAC Insight extends far beyond your general ledger, providing a powerful budgeting solution complete with bottom-up budgeting, write-back, drill-down and other advanced capabilities. It provides access to your critical operational and sales data, as well as customer, product, vendor, employee, geographic data and more. You can quickly integrate data into meaningful reports and safely distribute them across your enterprise in real time while applying user-level security, ensuring that confidential information remains confidential.

Along with powerful reporting capabilities, ACCPAC Insight offers budgeting, consolidations, report distribution, Web deployment and data warehousing, and is an ideal solution for companies with remote employees or multiple locations that require real-time access to company data. The software's tight out-of-the-box integration with ACCPAC Advantage Series and ACCPAC Pro Series makes it easy to manage critical data. With powerful Universal Data Access routines, you have the ability to integrate data not only from Advantage Series and Pro Series, but also from any ODBC-compliant database – with the ability to build your own filters.

ACCPAC Insight offers two data warehouse management suites to fit every business need. Each delivers a powerful financial reporting solution by optimizing and correlating your data from different databases into a single, easy-to-manage database.

The Professional Data Warehouse acts as a warehouse for your vital financial information, allowing you to extract only the key data you want to report on. By capturing only the data you need, you eliminate the time-consuming task of sifting through irrelevant information and can focus on business at hand. It also contains vital budgeting and scheduling capabilities, along with special security features to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to key data. This component requires the Author module.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse is designed for large enterprises that require an elevated set of functionalities. It contains all of the components in the Professional Data Warehouse plus the ability to connect and integrate with other non-ACCPAC applications via the Universal Database Access (UDA) component, which provides access to any ODBC-compliant database. It also includes replication capabilities that let you synchronize your data warehouse across multiple locations – making key information even more accessible to employees across the enterprise. This component requires the Author module.



ACCPAC Insight is comprised of the following components:

Author helps you create new templates quickly and easily in Microsoft Excel for repeated use. The wizard-driven template design allows you to easily create pixel-perfect reports in minutes. Once your reports have been generated, you have the full capabilities of Excel at your disposal to further format and generate additional charts and graphics.

Viewer allows you to run reports against the Data Mart within ACCPAC Insight and present reports in Excel, extending the value of the data available through your ACCPAC system. Featuring powerful cross-module drill-down capabilities, Viewer lets you drill down to supporting transaction detail and even "drill around" from the general ledger into other modules, making it simple to view underlying transactions and subtotals.

Web Deployment Server
Ideal for mobile and remote staff, Web Deployment Server offers you the ability to generate reports and publish them on the Internet or a company intranet. Authorized staff can view the reports through a standard Web browser. You can maintain real-time reporting and provide complete drill-down capabilities without the need to install any software on users' computers beyond their Web browsers. This component is limited to 20 concurrent users (based on high-performance dedicated servers) and requires the Author module to create the reports.

Enterprise Budgeting
Enterprise Budgeting can be used to create very complex models containing multiple worksheets. You can deliver templates for end-user data entry and manipulation, and consolidate input into a single Data Mart to prepare an end-user budget in a true bottom-up fashion. This component requires the Professional Data Warehouse or the Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Consolidations manages the consolidations process to deliver financial statements that illustrate financial and non-financial critical performance indicators. Consolidations allows you to produce merged accounts for statutory or management reporting purposes that are ready for analysis. Multiple unrelated databases can be consolidated into a single set of financial reports, so that employees, branch offices and partners can operate with a single, unified view of key financial data at any time. This component requires the Professional Data Warehouse or the Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Professional Data Warehouse

The Professional Data Warehouse includes:

Budget Express
Budget Express turns an ACCPAC Insight report into a fully functional budget model workbook. It provides a quick and easy way to define up to five basic spread methods, automatically defines mapping to the Data Mart based on a users' chart of account structure and more.

Scheduling makes it easy to automate the execution of specific reports by naming date, time and report parameters that are applied to the execution of each report. You can even schedule reports to run after business hours to take advantage of under-utilized computing resources that typically sit idle during this time.

Security provides access (in SQL Server only) based on a clearly defined reporting structure. Security is implemented at the account, not the report, structure level. For example, Security limits what data users can see, not what reports they can request. Users are assigned to profiles, and when reports are run, access is only granted to the rows in the database or Data Mart as indicated by users’ assigned profiles.

Workbook Generator
Workbook Generator automatically creates procedures for generating reporting or budgeting workbooks from any valid database. It contains all the information needed to allow the distribution of workbooks, providing a single source of maintenance. It can run manually, or be scheduled using any scheduling tool, including ACCPAC Alerts (ACCPAC Advantage Series) and ACCPAC Pro Alert™ (ACCPAC Pro Series).

Workbook Refresher
You can schedule a workbook for automated refreshing with the Workbook Refresher.

Write Back
Write Back captures data from an Excel file and writes it to the data warehouse. For example, it can capture budget information from all departments and divisions and store it in the data warehouse for future reference.


Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Enterprise Data Warehouse includes all of the components in the Professional Data Warehouse as well as the following:

Data Mart Generator
Data Mart Generator creates tailored Data Marts from existing databases, automates and schedules the publishing of Data Marts, synchronizes one or more Data Mart(s), summarizes reporting structures and provides access via Microsoft SQL Server and Access.

Universal Database Access (UDA)
You can integrate data from other applications and databases into your ACCPAC Insight reporting system using UDA and drill down and "drill around" the data. With UDA, you can use ACCPAC Insight to report on all your enterprise data stores, including legacy applications and propriety software systems.


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