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General Ledger

Your ACCPAC Advantage Series General Ledger is the foundation of your accounting system.

ACCPAC Advantage Series General Ledger boasts unprecedented flexibility to meet the needs of organizations of all types and sizes. It provides a robust feature set designed to meet even the most demanding budgeting and processing needs. You can customize General Ledger by using the many tools inherent in the system, including a built-in financial report writer that provides you with a timely picture of your company's fiscal activities. General Ledger fully integrates with all Advantage Series modules and is the key to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data. Advantage Series also runs through a standard Web browser, so you can design and view financial statements anytime, anywhere using an Internet browser.




  • Flexible account structure
  • Powerful budgeting capabilities
  • Extensive comparative and historical data
  • Financial reporting
  • Multicurrency support using the add-on Multicurrency module**
  • Ability to drill down to originating transaction in other modules
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • Web-based or traditional ACCPAC desktop interface

Flexible Account Structure and Account Processing

  • Create alphanumeric account numbers as long as 45 characters.
  • Use segments to represent cost centers, departments and divisions.*
  • Flag general ledger accounts as inactive to stop using them, but retain them in the system for historical and reporting purposes.
  • Tailor your processing needs through high-level control over transaction entry, subledger batch editing, listing and posting.
  • Post transactions provisionally to the general ledger to view the effect on financial statements.
  • Post transactions to any past year for which you maintain data.
  • Consolidate transactions for selected accounts during posting, or consolidate on an as-needed basis.
  • Enter transactions from an Internet browser.
  • Allocate an account balance to multiple accounts using specified percentages.
  • Maintain separate periods for adjusting and closing entries.
  • Assign different retained earnings accounts to different account segments.
  • Allocate the balance of an account to other accounts by account balance or account quantity such as square footage.
  • Post transactions from multiple subledgers to a single control account.
  • Drill down to the originating journal entry and transaction from transaction history.
  • Set up and schedule recurring journal entries for transactions that you process on a regular basis.
  • Drill down from unposted transactions to originating subledger transactions.
  • Use the Reminder List capabilities in System Manager to remind staff to process recurring entries.
  • Maintain quantities for each General Ledger account.

Powerful Budgeting Features

  • Store different sets of budget figures to project future needs and compare projections.*
  • Lock periods to prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Automatically create budgets using prior-year information, or choose from seven other computation methods.

Integration With Microsoft Office

  • Create analytical reports, graphs and charts in Microsoft Excel using information from General Ledger.
  • Update budgets automatically from Microsoft Excel.
  • Create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel showing actuals, budgeted and variance.
  • Design reports in Microsoft Access to analyze data.
  • Create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with continually updated account information.

Powerful, Customizable Financial Reporting

  • Integrate powerful financial diagnostic and strategic analysis tools with ACCPAC CFO.
  • Use the flexibility of Microsoft Excel and the ACCPAC Financial Reporter to produce financial statements.
  • Print consolidated statements, or print statements for any accounting division represented by an account number segment code.
  • Run provisional reports for a financial snapshot prior to posting.
  • Create a separate worksheet for each code in a specific segment to view financial information specific to each segment code.
  • Produce monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual comparative statements with any number of columns.
  • Send financial statements via e-mail.
  • Print financial statements by running Advantage Series on a company intranet or using the Internet from any company location.

Multicurrency Support Using the Add-On Multicurrency Module** -

  • Enter, import and post transactions in all the currencies you use. General Ledger maintains functional currency balances as well as balances of all other account currencies.
  • Automatically revalue selected accounts as exchange rates fluctuate.
  • Use an unlimited number of currencies for each General Ledger account.

Data Entry Made Easy

  • Specify non-monetary amounts in journal entries, such as square feet and number of employees.
  • Auto-reverse entries to eliminate manual tracking of accruals.
  • Use the advanced macro facility to automate repetitive procedures such as batch processing, month-end processing and printing reports.
  • Use the segment validation tables to reduce data entry errors.

Investment Protection Plan

  • Easily upgrade from any version of ACCPAC Advantage Series or from ACCPAC Plus.


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