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Accounts Receivable

ACCPAC Advantage Series Accounts Receivable enables comprehensive management of all your company's receivables information

With ACCPAC Advantage Series™ Accounts Receivable you can manage your customers and fine-tune customer relations by keeping track of important sales information and outstanding balances. Accounts Receivable allows you to easily apply cash to outstanding invoices and create recurring charges for quick invoicing of monthly charges. Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with Bank Services for complete bank reconciliation. This robust accounting solution can be used by itself or as part of an integrated system with other ACCPAC® accounting products. Advantage Series also runs through a standard Web browser, so you can handle all of your receivables processing from anywhere with an Internet browser.




  • Flexible invoice and cash processing
  • Powerful audit trail capabilities
  • Easy customer account management
  • Quick review and analysis of receivables
  • Complete, customizable reporting
  • Full multicurrency support using the add-on Multicurrency module **
  • Drill down from General Ledger to Accounts Receivable
  • Drill down from Accounts Receivable to Order Entry
  • Pure Web-based or traditional ACCPAC desktop interface.

Accurate Management of Customer Records

  • Organize customer records quickly and easily.
  • Create customer groups for statistical and reporting purposes.
  • Maintain separate numbers for the customer and the contact in your customer records.
  • Create an unlimited number of ship-to locations for each customer.
  • Specify for each customer whether to allow a partial shipment of items.
  • Create a new customer and ship-to location when entering an invoice.
  • Set up your customers for shopping on the Web through eTransact.
  • Enter an unlimited number of customer comments, each as many as 250 characters in length, with expiration and follow-up dates.
  • Accumulate customer statistics, and retain that information for as long as you need it.
  • Flag records as inactive if you want to stop using them on a daily basis but wish to retain them in the system for historical and reporting purposes.
  • Handle both open-item and balance-forward customers.
  • Set up any number of control accounts to assign to customers.
  • Set up billing cycles to print statements and charge interest for groups of customers.
  • Maintain as many open batches as necessary and decide when they are ready for posting.
  • Maintain customer e-mail and Web site addresses.

Flexible Invoice and Cash Processing

  • Maintain an item price list for invoicing.
  • Drill down from General Ledger transaction history to Accounts Receivable transactions and then to originating Order Entry transactions.
  • Import transactions from other accounting systems or applications.
  • Drill down from the customer’s transactions and receipts in Customer Activity to the originating transactions and receipts.
  • Print invoices, debit notes and credit notes individually as you enter them, or print them in batches.
  • Create summary or detailed invoices using the item price list, and have the taxes for both calculated on a summary or line-by-line basis.
  • Set up and schedule any number of recurring charge invoices for fast invoicing of monthly charges.
  • Update recurring charges automatically by amount or percentage.
  • Send statements and invoices to your customer’s billing address, customer’s e-mail address or contact’s e-mail address.
  • Use the Reminder List capabilities of the System Manager to remind staff to process recurring invoices.
  • Create messages that you can use when sending statements and invoices to your customers by e-mail.
  • Enter adjustments during receipt entry to fully resolve transactions in a single process, or enter adjustments separately as required.
  • Automatically create adjustment batches to write off small account or transaction balances.
  • Use Quick Receipt Entry to enter cash, check and credit card receipts for both customer and non-customer accounts with minimum information to create your bank deposit.
  • Use Receipt Entry to enter and apply receipts to customer accounts or directly to General Ledger accounts.
  • Set up single or multiple payment schedules for invoices; define discount terms and due dates for each payment separately.
  • Define distribution codes to speed data entry.
  • Assign invoices proportionally to as many as five salespeople.
  • Track sales statistics for each salesperson.
  • Choose whether to charge interest on overdue balances or individual invoices.
  • Reinstate invoices by returning posted customer checks.

Powerful Audit Trail Capabilities

  • Keep details of all fully paid transactions and print them when needed.
  • Maintain complete details of your statements letting you reprint your statements at any time.
  • Print and review complete transaction details, including details of receipts and adjustments applied to the transactions.
  • Print a journal of the entries posted in each posting run.
  • Keep complete transaction history for as long as you choose.
  • Choose the information that will appear in the General Ledger reference and description fields.

Quick Data Review

  • Perform on-screen aging and preview customer transactions.
  • Review up-to-the-minute information including current balance, last activities and complete transaction details.
  • Review current and historical transactions, as well as detailed statistics for each customer account.
  • Display customer receipts by bank or status and drill down to review all applied documents.

Complete, Customizable Reporting Forms

  • Create custom invoices, statements and deposit slips.
  • Print Aged Trial Balance, Overdue Receivables, Customer Transactions, Customer List and Statistics, and General Ledger Transaction reports using sorting and selection options to zero in on desired transactions.
  • Create your own reports.
  • Print different dunning messages for each aging period and different sets of messages with different statements.

Full Multicurrency Accounting Support Using the Add-On Multicurrency Module**

  • Compete globally with full multicurrency support including the ability to enter invoices and apply receipts in any currency.
  • Revalue open transactions as exchange rates fluctuate.
  • Print reports in both the customer’s source currency and your functional (home) currency.

Integrated Solution

  • Integrate with other financial applications, such as Order Entry and General Ledger, to make a comprehensive management solution.
  • Create general ledger batches directly in General Ledger, or create batches that are ready to import to a general ledger at a remote location.
  • Post transactions to General Ledger in consolidated form or with full details.
  • Create general ledger batches automatically during posting or as needed.
  • Use Common Services to maintain all bank and currency information.**
  • Use with Tax Services to handle all tax computations.
  • Share customer information with Order Entry.


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