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System Manager

ACCPAC Advantage Series System Manager is the central module of your accounting system.

The System Manager controls access to all ACCPAC Advantage Series accounting applications and information. It is the hub from which all the other applications operate and affects nearly everything you do in Advantage Series from establishing security to searching for a record within a file. The System Manager includes tools to ensure data integrity and complete processing. It also manages multi-company functionality. Most System Manager functions are divided between Administrative Services and Common Services. Managing security, checking data integrity and activating applications are all Administrative Services tasks. Common Services contains functions used by all applications, including tax, bank, currency maintenance** and other tools to help users work more productively. Together, these tools make it easy for you to concentrate on the accounting aspects of your business and minimize the time spent on administrative tasks and activities.

ACCPAC Advantage Series is a Web-based solution that offers complete access to the accounting system through a standard Web browser. As such, there is no client software and IT management is centralized, resulting in lower overall maintenance costs. In addition, the intuitive ACCPAC interface reduces the need for training. Advantage Series provides an interface that is easy to understand, highly adaptable and user-friendly. The application also provides the traditional ACCPAC desktop.

System Manager includes ACCPAC iConnect Server. ACCPAC iConnect is a solution that provides employees, customers and partners with secure anytime, anywhere access to your ACCPAC Advantage accounting system. Remote access makes it easier to share information, collaborate with your important contacts and offer comprehensive self-service capabilities to make your business more efficient. For more information on iConnect view the complete details list.[1]

Powerful Tools for All Applications

  • Use the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface to the business logic objects to enable Web service-based integration.
  • Use the Finder during data entry to locate specific records. Search on key fields or look up descriptions by first letters, narrowing the search as you type.
  • Automate day-end processing or weekly reporting with Advantage Series macros. System Manager includes a "learn" mode, allowing easy automation of complex tasks using VBA.
  • Create reports, customize standard business forms and schedule reports using report customization tools from Crystal Decisions (available separately).
  • Automate recurring General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable transactions with the Scheduling and Reminder List capabilities within System Manager.
  • Remind users when recurring transactions become due for processing, and process them directly from the Reminder List.





  • Runs in a Web browser or in the traditional ACCPAC desktop.
  • Provides a Bank Services tool for true bank reconciliation.
  • Provides a Tax Services tool for all of your tax-processing needs.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Report customization tools from Crystal Decisions are available.
  • Supports IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Pervasive.SQL.
  • Hosts VBA, a comprehensive development tool that eases integration with other applications and provides a powerful development tool for application customizations.

Integration With Microsoft Office

  • Create mail-merge letters in Microsoft Word using your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable data.
  • Create analytical reports, graphs and charts in Microsoft Excel using information from Advantage Series.
  • Automatically update budgets from Microsoft Excel.
  • Download current information from the Internet to automatically update data.
  • Obtain approval for purchase requests through e-mail messages.

Shared Fiscal Calendars

  • Set up fiscal calendars for 12 or 13 periods (plus closing and adjustment periods) that are shared by all of your company's integrated accounting applications.

True Bank Reconciliation

  • Manage banks and bank information.
  • Reconcile bank statements and create general ledger batches for deposit interest and bank service charges.
  • Automate your bank reconciliation process using Open Financial Exchange (OFX), a file format that lets you download bank data electronically. If your bank has a Web site that supports OFX and you have an Internet connection, you can download a copy of your bank statement from your financial institution's Web site and reconcile your statement automatically.
  • Track checks and deposits from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and U.S. Payroll, and handle check reversals and returns.
  • Process transfers between banks.

Flexible Tax Processing

  • Handle all tax computations and reporting related to sales and purchases.
  • Maintain all tax authorities and tax classes for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order Entry and Purchase Orders in one place. Keep audit trails of all transactions and provide centralized tax reporting.
  • Calculate surtax on tax amounts for specified tax authorities.

Data Protection and Data Integrity

  • Use security groups to control access to applications and specific functions within them.
  • Set up security standards separately for each application; give users different permissions for different applications.
  • Check data integrity for your company data or for individual ledgers.
  • Restart batch operations, such as importing or posting, that were not completed successfully. System Manager warns you of problems at logon and identifies where problems occurred.

Flexible Time-Saving Features

  • Customize your desktop. Organize tasks by business process and create your own startup group for Advantage Series products.
  • Easily hide fields from certain users.
  • Use macros to rearrange fields on entry forms, change data-entry behavior and processing, or add business logic and rules to data entry.
  • Send printing to the screen, a file, a printer or an e-mail address.
  • Use a built-in pop-up calculator for simple calculations without leaving your data-entry field.
  • Rearrange and hide columns and change column widths.

Multi-Company Support

  • Maintain any number of system and company databases in a single installation of any Advantage Series product.
  • Share user, security and currency information among several company databases, or create separate system databases to support different security needs.

Investment Protection Plan

  • Upgrade easily from any prior version of ACCPAC Plus or any version of Advantage Series products.

For edition feature details, view the comparison chart.

** Multicurrency is an add-on module.

[1] Use of the iConnect Server as a data-entry solution requires the purchase of applicable iConnect applets.



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