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G/L Security

ACCPAC Advantage Series G/L Security enables organizations to control which users can view or use certain general ledger accounts based on segment validation in G/L Security settings.

General Information:

  • Access to standard reports should be controlled through standard ACCPAC security options.

GL Consolidations

ACCPAC Advantage Series GL Consolidations’ built-in flexibility meets the needs of companies requiring a sophisticated tool to consolidate multiple General Ledgers.

GL Consolidations provides a feature set that allows your company to define the level of detail to consolidate and provides a comprehensive audit trail. GL Consolidations is designed so that information can be easily transferred to other locations allowing subsidiaries and holding companies to run without being on the same network.

Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany Transactions is a powerful product that creates and distributes intercompany transactions across multiple ACCPAC companies.

Intercompany Transactions lets you enter transactions that affect more than one company by automatically distributing transactions across two or more companies. In addition, Intercompany Transactions' built-in flexibility automatically generates intercompany loan account entries according to user-defined relationship tables called routes. In other words, Intercompany Transactions simplifies and significantly reduces the amount of work required for intercompany accounting.


G/L Security Features:

  • Enables you to control access to any account in your general ledger by segment. This allows you to limit user activity to a prescribed set of accounts, blocking sensitive or confidential accounts from being seen or changed.
  • Allows you to tailor access to accounts for each ACCPAC user or group of users.
  • Provides a choice of setting single or multi-segment validation.
  • Restricts users from viewing batches containing accounts from which they are prohibited.
  • Restricts users to adding accounts only to segments to which they have access.
  • Allows the addition or removal of user restrictions at any time in response to staffing changes, changes to your account structure or as security concerns arise.
  • Restricts financial reports only to valid accounts.

GL Consolidations


  • Powerful consolidation capabilities of any number of General Ledgers
  • Ability to customize the details to consolidate
  • Multicurrency support using the add-on Multicurrency module*
  • Comprehensive audit trail


  • Import Unit Maintenance
  • Mapping Table
  • Export Setup
  • Export Audit
  • Import Audit

Powerful Consolidation Features

  • Consolidate multiple general ledgers.
  • Perform multilevel consolidations.
  • Tailor your needs through control over the level of detail.
  • Consolidate by transactions, net period changes or account balances.
  • Include transactions by posting sequence or by fiscal period.
  • Update quantities for those accounts that maintain quantities.
  • Include budgets for a range of years in the consolidated company.
  • Consolidate on an as-needed basis.
  • Maintain a separate general ledger for consolidated ledgers or consolidate ledgers with the head office or central general ledger.
  • Transfer transactions originating in a holding company back to subsidiaries to maintain payroll or fixed assets centrally.

Comprehensive Multicurrency Support using the add-on Multicurrency module*

  • Consolidate multicurrency and single-currency accounts and ledgers.
  • Consolidate general ledgers with differing functional currencies.
  • Automatically perform currency translation with the provision of gain or loss on translation.
  • Translate amounts from functional currency or source currency in the originating ledger and specify the translation rate type.

Flexible Processing

  • Consolidate all accounts or a partial set of the accounts.
  • Specify the range of accounts, segments and source codes.
  • Use the automatic balancing account when consolidating a partial account set.
  • Consolidate general ledgers with differing fiscal years and fiscal periods.
  • Consolidate general ledgers with different account structures by using a mapping table.
  • Merge multiple accounts in subsidiaries into single holding company accounts.
  • Substitute the original source code with a specified source code.
  • Exclude entries to specific source codes from the consolidation.
  • Automatically archive all files used in the consolidation process to an archive directory.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

  • Set the source ledger and source code of consolidation entries.
  • Insert the original audit trail from transactions posted in the source general ledger.
  • Specify a description for account balances or net change transactions.
  • Print audit trail reports that detail the data selection criteria.

Complete, Customizable Reporting

  • Use the reporting capabilities of ACCPAC Advantage Series General Ledger to print a full audit trail of all transactions.
  • Maintain a detailed audit trail of all consolidation activities.

* Multicurrency is an add-on module.

Intercompany Transactions


  • Powerful intercompany transactions for any number of companies
  • Simplified and automated intercompany accounting
  • Multicurrency support using the add-on Multicurrency module*
  • Comprehensive audit trail 


  • Routes
  • Route Listing Report
  • Where Used Report
  • General Ledger
  • Unposted Batches
  • Batch Listing
  • Batch Status
  • Posting Journal
  • Loan Account Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Unposted Invoice Batches
  • Invoice Batch Listing
  • Invoice Batch Status
  • Invoice Posting Journal

Powerful Transaction Processing:

  • Process intercompany General Ledger journal entries and intercompany Accounts Payable invoices, debit notes, and credit notes.
  • Create an unlimited number of routes to define relationships between companies.
  • Define multilevel routes between companies with any number of intermediate companies between the company originating transactions and the ultimate destination company.
  • Define the same or different loan accounts for each route.
  • Automatically create loan account entries for intercompany transactions.
  • Choose the route at the time a transaction is entered.
  • Automatically distribute invoices to as many general ledger accounts as you require by defining distribution sets.
  • Fully integrate with Tax Services to handle tax computations for expensed, allocated, or recoverable taxes.
  • Full multiuser support.

Comprehensive Multicurrency Support using the add-on Multicurrency module*:

  • Process multicurrency transactions in both Intercompany Transactions General Ledger and Accounts Payable.
  • Distribute transactions to companies with differing functional currencies.
  • Create routes in which the originating companies, intermediate companies, and destination companies all have different functional currencies.
  • Process multicurrency transactions for multicurrency or single-currency intermediate and destination companies.

Complete Audit Trail:

  • Enter transaction references and descriptions to provide a detailed audit trail for reconciliation purposes.
  • Print an intercompany loan account reconciliation report to identify loan accounts that do not agree.
  • Enter a 250-character description for each journal detail and inquire on the descriptions for each account.
  • Print posting journals showing the batch entries and the detailed entries generated for each company.
  • Use the reporting capabilities of ACCPAC Advantage Series Intercompany Transactions, General Ledger and Accounts Payable to print a full audit trail of all transactions.

* Multicurrency is an add-on module.




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