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Comprehensive Financial Optimizer

Essential tools for businesses interested in improving their strategic method of financial analysis.

ACCPAC CFO is a financial diagnostic and strategic analysis tool that begins where your General Ledger and traditional financial reports end. CFO is an interactive solution that provides you with a one page financial scorecard, providing key information and indicators on what drives your business. This simple to use package provides you with a unique approach to interpreting financial data.

Key Performance Indicator

Create detailed financial comparisons and reports with this add-on module for ACCPAC CFO.

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ACCPAC KPI is an add-on module that enhances ACCPAC CFO by enabling detailed comparisons between financial models, the addition of user-specific variables and benchmarking of results with data from prior years or similar organizations.

In-depth Comparison
With KPI, you can develop in-depth company-to-company and division-to-division comparisons – allowing you to thoroughly analyze the business performance of your entire organization. You can extract and consolidate the information required to create benchmark data sets in minutes.




ACCPAC CFO allows you to:

  • Perform "What If Scenarios" – For example: What would be the impact of reducing your receivables from 70 to 60 days?
          See how by viewing this streaming video clip or downloading it (631 KB).

  • Perform Goal Seeking" – For example: What strategies can you employ to improve your cash flow from negative £325,000 to break even?
          See how by viewing this streaming video clip or downloading it (986 KB).

  • Create a Budget or Forecast report-The Roll Forward function enables you to create a budget or forecast in two keystrokes.
          See how by viewing this streaming video clip or downloading it (718 KB).

  • Analyze a new business contract, customer, product or another New Opportunity.

  • Combine next year’s budget with a new opportunity.

  • Instantly evaluate, forecast and implement strategic business decisions to achieve your desired results.

ACCPAC CFO is integrated with your ACCPAC Advantage Series and ACCPAC Pro Series General Ledger so there is no rekeying of information.

New Features in Version 2.0

  • Support for Advantage Series 5.1 and Pro Series 7.1 General Ledger data
  • The ability to import financial data from Caseware
  • Better Support for Microsoft XP
  • Splash screen branding using the clients own logo
  • A new on-line activation and UMF (usage and maintenance fee) scheme tied to the hard drive as well as the traditional fax activation request process
  • The ability to import financial data from an Excel template (in version 2.0B)

With ACCPAC KPI you can:

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  • Create your own performance measures.
  • Compare actual performance with budget and forecast numbers.
  • Create forecasts for as many as 20 years.
  • Develop company-to-company comparisons.
  • Develop benchmarks and long-term financial strategies.

ACCPAC KPI enables you to compare financial models for a number of years – and it allows you to create your own performance measures. You can compare actual with budget and forecast, and make notes as to the variation reasons. KPI allows you to work with multiple CFO models. You can also export any KPI report or model to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

You can create three types of comparison with KPI:

  • Variance reports allows you to compare the budget with the actual and the forecast. The variance can be displayed in percentage or dollar terms.
  • Compare Models allows you to view a number of CFO models. For example, you may wish to compare branches or subsidiaries. You can create an average model to provide a benchmark for comparative purposes. In addition, you can create a total or an annual model.
  • Compare Years allows you to view a sequence of CFO models. KPI will create a projected forecast for up to 20 years. You can select your method of revenue growth, or input your own growth forecast.

Compatible with:
ACCPAC Advantage Series(Enterprise, Corporate, Small Business and Discovery Editions)
ACCPAC Pro Series(Enterprise and Small Business Editions)






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