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Sage Line 100 is aimed at the larger, more established business, with up to 100 employees. The company's accounts may be done by an accounting department and there will typically be up to 16 users on the system.

Line 100 is a sophisticated accounts and trading solution with advanced features such as multi-currency, budgeting by cost centre and departments, multi-company capability, multiple location for stock and full graphical analysis. Its main advantage is that the program can be customised to specifically suit your own needs.

Sage Line 100 gives you control over all of your companies and their subsidiaries and allows you to streamline your entire accounting system. When you make business acquisitions, Sage 100 allows you to have many different companies with different nominal ledgers.

In addition to the range of specialised features, Sage Line 100 includes all the features you would expect to see in a comprehensive accounting software system.

As a growing business, you may be using a variety of methods to manage your key processes. Whichever systems you choose, you’re likely to require a solution that:

  • Covers all your accounting needs, from VAT returns to credit control

  • Provides instant management information and accurate reports

  • Saves you time and money, and offers complete business control

  • Is easy to use, with information displayed in the most beneficial way

  • Allows more than one person to work on the system at once

  • Comes backed by excellent customer support, advice and training

  • Integrates with other software and offers industry-specific add-ons

  • Provides comprehensive data storage and full security

Let us introduce you to Sage Line 50. Meeting every one of the above requirements, Sage Line 50 will lead you to increased business efficiency. Sage Line 50 is designed to streamline all of your accounting routines, reduce your data entry and save you time.  The program integrates seamlessly with other Sage products, as well as with Microsoft Office software, to create a complete business management system offering multi user and multi company configurations to  suit all business types.

Sage Line 50 will save you time and money, is ideal if your business is growing or developing and is already relied upon by thousands of UK companies. 



Sage Line 100

For detailed feature lists, please download the fact sheets.

  • Speed- giving your company the ability to process large volumes of transactions and, simultaneously, to support up to 12 users.
  • Foreign currency capability- providing you with the ability to trade with customers and suppliers outside of the UK and in any mixture of currencies. For example, you can produce foreign currency invoices, statements, receipts and payments whilst automatically dealing with currency fluctuations.
  • Nominal cost centre and departmental analysis - enabling your business to attribute costs, analyse budgets and produce management reports, e.g. Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, by department and cost centre.
  • Group budgets- making it easy for you to manage your subsidiary companies. Line 100 includes multi-company consolidated financial reporting and group budgeting capabilities.
  • Serial and batch number tracking and factored stock pricing - providing you with advanced stock control features. For example, Line 100 allows you to track individual stock items by unique serial number or track several stock items that collectively form a batch. In addition, if you buy stock in bulk, e.g. paint by the drum, you can split this and sell it in smaller quantities, e.g. five litre tins.
  • Multi-location stock- making it easy to work with stock that is held in different depots. For example, Line 100 includes provision for multiple depots for purchase, sale and stock transfers.
  • Can be fully customised- using Sage's extensive national network of developers, your Line 100 program can be tailored to specifically suit your business or industry needs. In addition to this, numerous industry-specific add-ons are currently available. For example, modules for manufacturing, retail or services.

Sage Line 50

Detailed feature List

  • Accounts Analyser – allows you to drill through your nominal ledger, a simple ‘tree’ format allows you to view data about your most important accounting areas instantly.

  • Smart Link – provides improved navigation, saving you time by linking together different types of information that you may need – such as suppliers contact details with their invoice history.

  • Audit Assistant – A procedure which will verify your accounts by an automatic 21-point check list, highlighting any inconsistencies that would be picked up by an external auditor.

  • Task-based Navigation – you can create your own short-cuts for the tasks you do most often.

  • Repeat Orders and invoices – you can repeat invoices at regular intervals without having to retype all the details, ideal for you if you process the same amount each month – such as rent, membership fees etc.

  • My Business Set-Up – Sage Line 50 v10 can establish different default settings to suit different types of businesses.




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