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                                                                    ACCPACcrm.com SalesTeam is an award-winning, comprehensive sales force automation solution. It leverages the power of the Internet, providing your sales team with access to critical real-time sales information instantly. From forecasting to account and sales management, ACCPACcrm.com SalesTeam will allow your company to reach new levels of customer profitability while retaining loyal customers.

Rapidly integrate your entire sales force and provide them with critical real-time information. You’ll turn every customer interaction into a profitable opportunity, meeting sales objectives and boosting profits.

  • Contact and account management
  • Time management
  • Opportunity management and sales forecast
  • Real-time sales management reporting
  • Summary dashboard

Growing With Your Business

ACCPACcrm.com SalesTeam is designed to meet the increasing demands from your customers while providing the tools necessary to ensure your sales force can effectively manage, forecast and report out through all phases of the sales cycle.

  • Can be easily customized (no programming required) to reflect your unique business processes.
  • Same power features as high-end CRM packages (e.g., customizable reports, workflow, security, administrative tools).

The Cost Advantage

ACCPACcrm.com SalesTeam improves the effectiveness of your sales force while significantly reducing time and administration costs.

  • One price provides everything – application, support, daily data backups, upgrades and training.
  • No up-front investments in hardware and software required.
  • No additional cost for upgrades.
  • Ease of management – no need for full-time system administrator.
  • Costs far less than traditional CRM solutions such as Siebel, Microsoft and SAP.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Add users as needed.

Fast, Tailored Deployment

  • No software install required on any computer (desktop or server).
  • No need to wait for internal IT support or costly consultants.
  • Share information with customer service and marketing.

Never miss an opportunity

ACCPACcrm.com SalesTeam is a comprehensive sales force automation solution that provides your sales force with fast, up-to-date access to critical customer data – regardless to where these employees are located.



ACCPACcrm.com SalesTeam gives companies total control over sales processes and resources, providing the right tools to effectively manage, forecast and report out through all phases of the sales cycle.

ACCPACcrm.com SalesTeam allows you to move from reactive account management to strategic selling - gaining more customers, increasing profitability and lowering costs. You'll know who your most profitable customers are, and target them quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, your sales teams will have access to critical real-time sales information by linking disparate sources such as account information, customer purchasing patterns, quotes, and forecasts and planning demands - whenever and wherever you need it!

Important Features To Consider

  • Manage and analyze all current and historical account details.
  • Easily identify and recruit new clients, and resell to existing ones.
  • Effectively analyze and manage the sales pipeline.
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to customer intelligence for connected and mobile users.
  • Generate point-and-click reporting and graphs that allow sales teams to access data for on-the-spot analysis and decision making.








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